Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tiananmen Square anniversary

On June 4 we will mark the 20th anniversary of the crushing of the pro-democracy student/worker rally in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. To this day the Chinese government has adamantly refused to investigate the massacre that took place.
As China action coordinator of the Israel Section of Amnesty Internationa, I would like to refer you to some sites that deal with the issue and the forthcoming events planned around the world. Our section has a bilingual Hebrew-English blog that you are welcome to visit:
You will also find there links to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.
Amnesty sections around the world will be marking the occasion and I hope you will be involved.
Also, there are many major human rights issues in China that are worthy of attention, such as the persecution of the victims of the Sichuan earthquake whose demands for justice and accountability have aroused the ire of the regime with terrible results. Please take a look at:
I am bugging you a lot these days, but, alas, the world is not a very nice place. Martin Luther King once wrote that he is less troubled by the evil of the bad than by the indifference of the good.

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