Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tiananmen Square anniversary today

Today we marked the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Our letters to the Tel Aviv city council and the mayor to name a square of Tiananmen Square did not even receive an answer nor an acknowledgement—a light unto the nations was what God intended for us to be but in actuality we are darkness to ourselves and all around us.

Four naïve souls from Amnesty, your humble servant among them, took bouquets of roses and signs in Hebrew and Chinese calling for justice and an investigation to the Chinese Embassy in Tel Aviv. We rang the bell and said that we had flowers for the ambassador. A young lady came out, looked at us and said to wait. After a suitable interval, we rang again and were told via the intercom that the embassy was not accepting flowers from Amnesty International. We left the flowers and the signs at the gate and went back to our lives, such as they are. We expect that our brothers and sisters in human rights experienced similar experiences.

A quote from a report from France:

…"Anyway, he greeted me with a mischievous smile and the news that he was arrested last night – again, he says, with 20 other people, for demonstrating with trucks and slogans painted on their sides in front of the Chinese embassy ( yesterday instead of today because of Obama's visit to France for the anniversary of the Debarcation – he too thinks that Obama is the Messiah…) It seems the CRS know them well, they don't bother to ask for permission to demonstrate because they would never get permission, but they let him off early because he told them his young sons were waiting for him to get them supper., on condition that he came back……which of course he didn’t…"

A few pix show us in action.

Of course, there was some official noise as well including Hilary Clinton, bless her

Mrs Clinton said in her statement that the anniversary was a chance for China to "reflect upon the meaning of the events that preceded that day".

"China can honour the memory of that day by moving to give the rule of law, protection of internationally-recognised human rights and democratic development the same priority it has given to economic reform," she added.

Mrs Clinton's views were echoed by British Foreign Secretary David Miliband, who said that while China had made "big improvements in economic and social rights" since the Tiananmen crackdown, progress on political and civil rights had been "far slower".

All this angered the Chinese--let us hope to some effect.

After all this, we had Barack Obama in Cairo showing the world that, as Uri Avineri says, the President of the United States understands the interests of the people of Israel better than the government of Israel. Let us wish him luck.

The full video and text of the speech:

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