Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rants of the Week June 15, 2010

This blog will be devoted to my rants and growls about  human rights, politics and the situation in this miserable little country of ours.  The nice stuff can be found in my parallel blog Pollyanna where you can read about science, music, art, literature and all the things that most of you like.  This blog will remain the domain of grumpy people like me and will be not much fun to read.  Let us start with a pleasant picture of someone we all love, our favorite Osama:

We understand from the BBC that his life was in danger from a true blue defender of the world who alas was picked up by the police in Pakistan. 
Better luck next time.

Actually, as I said last week, there are many people who can out-rant me at any time and I intend to use them for the local scene.  There are a few international human rights matters that I would like to bring up first.  One of them concerns Darfour where things continue to go downhill  Here in Israel, some of us are trying to help refugees from Darfour, but the general population and government are very racist.

There is a terrible ethnic cleansing and massacre going on in Kyrgystan with most victims Uzbeks.  No one seems interested enough to intervene although the US and Russia are sending troops to defend their air bases.  It seems that nothing was learned from WWII, the Holocaust, Rwanda you name it.  Get a view of our world:

Of course, bad news about human rights cannot skip our dear friends in China.  Yahoo! helped send a Chinese blogger to jail for a ten year term. and Microsoft is collaborating with  .censorship

Before getting on to the local nasty stuff, I would like all of you who can influence governments in the International Whaling Commission to please do something
to help Avaaz with the fight.

This week we were told that a commission of inquiry is being set up for the flotilla fiasco.  It is of course the sort of buffoonery that makes Israelis feel secure.  I am going to let Uri Avineri say it all
on this farce and give a list of the questions that should be asked.

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