Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pesach (Passover) and Ma'ayan turns seven

Pesach (Passover) 5769 (2009) was marked by the belated celebration of Ma'ayan's seventh birthday with a family dinner on the last night of the holiday at my house in Hofit. As you can see, his mother came up with a kosher for Pesach cake and he had the canonical photo op with his Saba.
A week earlier we had a Seder at Zohar & Danny's house with eleven participants of whom none were left behind in Egypt. In addition to the traditional Haggada, we used a modern one with emphasis on the social and human rights content of Pesach.
Just before the holiday, I made a flying trip to the US to attend a Cassini (Saturn orbiter) workshop in San Antonio TX plus a brief weekend with old friends in Summit NJ. It was the sort of ping pong trip that provides double jet lag.

Tonight we will pick up our friend Renee who is coming for a visit from France. Tomorrow back to the real prosaic world and the hard work of retirees. Who ever said that retirement leads to empty time and boredom? Yosefa and I are finding the opposite.

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